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Aerostretching is smooth, easy and yet effective static training with cozy hammocks
TRX is a workout with fitness loops, a great replacement for the iron gym. For girls who like training "harder", but without dumbbells
Stretching is a workout that will bring you a.s.a.p. to your #1 goal – become flexible and slim
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I have signed up, what should I do next?
Our manager will contact you within 3 hours. He will pick up a convenient studio location for you, set a convenient time and sign you up for the first training
What trainings can I attend if I'm a rookie?
We recommend starting with stretching. With a small load, all muscle groups will be involved.
How can I set up a schedule?
You can visit us on a fixed record or on a floating schedule, having previously registered.
Where can I see the schedule?
You can find out about our schedule on our Instagram page or by calling us at +77719499000
How long does the training last?
Classes last 50 minutes. During this time, you will have time to work out all the muscles. The complex includes strength and stretching exercises.
Can I attend multiple workouts in 1 day?
Our team does not recommend attending more than 2 workouts a day. In order to avoid overload and overwork. If you have never done fitness, then it is better to start with 1 workout. For those who are continuing - no more than 2 workouts per day.
Do you provide parking?
You have a free parking on G floor
Do I need to bring my own rug?
No, we have all the equipment in our studios.
I am going on vacation or on a business trip. Can I freeze my subscription?
Of course, there is a special "freeze" option for our students. Which you can use when providing a supporting document.
Do you only have girls?
Yes, we are a women's fitness studio.
Can I bring my child to the studio?
If the child is over 8 years old, then she can work with you. For you, this is a great motivation and an example for the child.
* Pregnancy
* Less than 8 weeks after surgery, cesarean or vaginal delivery
* Malignant tumors or benign tumors in growth dynamics
* Rectal prolapse
* Loss of nodes
* Inguinal hernia
* Severe degrees of diseases of the spine
* Any acute inflammatory processes in the abdomen and genitourinary system
* Bleeding fibroids
* Prolapse of the uterus 3 - 4 degrees or prolapse
* Hernia of the spine 3 - 4 degrees
Do you have discounts?
On the day of the first lesson, you can get a discount from 30% to 50%. We also have a system of bonuses and loyalty.
When will I see my training results?
It all depends on the physiology of the person, the condition of the muscles and discipline. With regular training, 100% return on the class, even a beginner will see results in 3 months.
What are the guarantees that I will achieve the result?
With regular training, accurate goal setting and personal strength, you will definitely achieve what you want. The guarantee of the result, subject to all conditions, is mandatory. After all, your body will become not only flexible, but also light.
How often do I have to walk to get results?
The most optimal visiting schedule is 3 times a week. This will allow you to keep your muscles toned and maintain their elasticity. Also, do not forget about rest, as the body definitely needs recovery. With more frequent visits, overload is also possible and, as a result, regression. We recommend that you come to training regularly, but do not forget about rest.
Is it possible to lose weight in your workouts?
Oh sure! We have quite intensive classes, which of course contributes to weight loss. In training, you will work all muscle groups. Pump up the buttocks, work out the abs, remove the flabbiness of the arms and visually the "orange peel" will become much smaller. Thanks to the exercises, cribs and lymph movement are improved, which means that swelling decreases. Skin color becomes better, and softer, thinner. Don't forget about proper nutrition. Combined with exercise, this works wonders.
Are the trainers only girls?
Yes, our entire coaching staff is selected so that there are only girls in the team.
Who are your coaches?
All our trainers are certified specialists, champions of Asia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, athletes, employees of a choreographic institution. The professionalism of our coaches, motivation and involvement in work is the key to achieving results.
What if I am pregnant?
First of all, we congratulate you on this wonderful event!
Also, we would like to remind you that our classes are not recommended during pregnancy. After all, your health and the health of the unborn baby is a priority for us. The load in our training is intense and can harm the expectant mother and child. Our team will be glad to see you in the classroom after childbirth to help you recover.
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